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Book Review: Every Colour of You by Amelia Mandeville

November 17, 2018 0 Comments
Every Colour of YouAmelia MandevilleContemporaryLittle Brown13/11/18

Grab your tissues, this is one heck of an emotional rollercoaster! What a book!


The plot follows Zoe and Tristan, who meet early in the story. Both having their own issues, the book is a story of falling apart and picking up the pieces. I loved it. Zoe is determined to help Tristan and put him back together again. However, the harder she tries and the more she does in order to help save Tristan, the more Zoe realises she is struggling herself and her world is crumbling around her.

My Thoughts:

The writing style was particularly interesting as I have never read anything quite like this. There were rhetorical questions throughout the story, which I was so not used to and not expecting. However, I actually came to enjoy this kind of writing style and found that it made me think a lot more deeply about the story and connect much more to the characters and the concepts. Excellent writing and I will be keeping my eye on Amelia Mandeville…

The only real issues I had with the story and the reason why it isn’t quite 5 stars and perfect, is because of all of the unnecessaries.

Obviously, I don’t write contemporary fiction like this but having read a lot of it, I know what I like and what I need in this kind of story. The stupid ‘boy’ conflict which followed Tristan to make his character more convoluted and his downfall more dramatic. However, it really wasn’t needed. I just found myself rolling my eyes and disliking him. This was especially difficult as the author was doing really well at alluding to certain self-pitying traits within Tristan, which I found much better and was much more effective. However, this really isn’t that important to the overarching point of the story. It was beautiful. It was complex. It was almost perfect.

Final Thoughts:

4.5/5 stars – Check this one out and be prepared for all the emotions.




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