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Title: 100 Women I Know
Author: Kezia Bayard-White and Phoebe Montague
Genre: Non-Fiction, Feminist, Memoir, Politics
Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


100 Women I Know is a collection of accounts of rape and sexual assault.

The stories in this book are from women that the editor knows personally, but aims to bring together and foster solidarity between everyone who has been a victim of sexual violence. By exposing the common threads in each story, 100 Women I Know demonstrates the need to redefine rape within society and to further the understanding of consent to help prevent young men and women from becoming perpetrators or survivors of sexual violence. The book gives a voice to all of the brave women who shared their stories and continues the much needed conversation on sexual violence.

Thirty percent of money received from book sales will go towards funding educational workshops in schools.

Spoiler-Free Review:


This book was harrowing, heartbreaking but also supporting to read!

Simply delving into the, sometimes drastically, different stories of 100 different women’s experiences with sexual assault, abuse and rape was mind opening. We need more education on the topic and more literature addressing these issues.

Having my own experiences, this is a personal book for me, and I would urge all women and men to read more on the topic. 100% recommend that you pick this one up!

The final page says it all:

“NO means NO

I’m not sure
Maybe later
I’m tired
I don’t feel well
I’m too drunk
I have a boyfriend
I really like you but…
Not today
Let’s be friends
Leave me alone
I’m not in the mood
Can we just cuddle
I’m not ready
It’s not like that
What are you doing

means NO”

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April 11, 2018



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