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What I’m Watching #1 – Spring #AD

March 13, 2019 0 Comments

Hey guys! So far, in the first two months of 2019 (HOW IS IT ALREADY MARCH!) I have been watching lots of bits and pieces over on Netflix! I'm here to share some of my new favourites with you, and some I maybe didn't like so much. What have you been watching lately?

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New Shows/Movies:

First up, late last year the long-anticipated ‘Bird Box’ finally came to Netflix. I’ll admit, I was almost a little scared of the immediate flood of hype for this one. I decided to hold off a little while to watch it, I actually ended up listening to the audiobook in December, over the course of a day. It was ok, I liked it, but only rated it a 3/5 stars – and the film was probably similar if a little worse.

The problem was that, I just think that I’d always heard that the book was absolutely terrifying and it just…wasn’t. It was mediocre and more creepy than anything. I was also a bit mad at the movie, as one of the best scenes (in my opinion) was the well scene in the book – if you’ve read it. It was creepy and intense and completely immersed me in the feelings of the characters – but of course, as with almost all adaptations, it was removed.


Next, I managed to catch ‘FYRE’ – A documentary on Netflix covering the infamous FYRE festival that took place in 2017.  I remember so much press around the festival when it appeared on every social media account overnight, and the outrage when it finally became a complete disaster. I really wanted to know what happened and why, and this one definitely gave me what I was looking for. It was a really decent watch if you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes of that kind of event. I’ve heard that Hulu has a different documentary covering it that might be better, so maybe I’ll catch that one day too, if Hulu ever comes to the UK!


Then, in January ‘Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes’ hit the media and everyone went crazy again. (Along with ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile’ – which I’m so excited to watch!) But I have to say, I really liked it! I’m such a true crime buff and absolutely love watching crime documentaries, I find them so interesting and terrifying. I hadn’t watched anything about Ted Bundy before, and to be honest, didn’t know much about his case (don’t shoot me! It’s honestly just a bigger deal in the USA than here in the UK). But it was twisted, and convoluted and covered the entire case. I would say, however, this probably wouldn’t satisfy someone who has followed his case and knows the ins and outs, as it just discusses this in not too much depth!


January also brought ‘Sex Education’ to Netflix, which is actually originally a CH4 show I believe, although I missed its original airing. Either way, I loved it! The show is set in a high school, covering a mound of sexual/emotional/relationship issues among the student body and covers some really important issues. I will definitely be watching the second season when it airs and am really interested in what is to come. I will say that the ending wasn’t too great, it felt a little predictable and cliche, but otherwise a solid show.


In February, Netflix aired ‘Russian Doll’. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d watch, but after realising that it starred Natasha Lyonne, I changed my mind and devoured the entire season. It was a fantastic show. I can’t begin to explain the premise or plot points, as it’s just so confusing and convoluted and amazing. However, the basic plot is a woman keeps re-living the same night over and over again – with some really sci-fi elements thrown in. Also, the characters were fantastic, and I really felt like they were unique and interesting, rather than the same boring elements over and over.

Old Favourites:

Along with the above, I wanted to mention a few other things I’ve been watching lately. *These aren’t too new but are still some of my favourites*.

Firstly, I feel like everyone I know and their mother has been binging ‘The Office’, and I am no different. Funnily enough, I only watched it for the very first time late last year. I watched Parks and Recs at the same time and loved that too.

It’s just such a cute show, and I love all of the characters in different ways. Definitely a good background show too! Super easy to watch. Word of advice though, if you haven’t seen it before, feel free to watch/skip season 1/2. According to many people online they were very hard to get into. I thought it picked up after season 1, but season 1 was still pretty watchable for me. It also explains the dynamics of the people/jobs etc. so was useful info too!


I also watched through the entire ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ again! It’s just one of my favourite shows to watch and is just so easy and funny! I’m also so happy as NBC have announced it’s renewed for season 7!





Finally, I watched season 3 of ‘One Day at a Time’ as it just aired on Netflix. I watched the previous two last year and fell in love with the Alverez family! Season 3 was no different and I hope to see a season 4 next year! Check this one out if you like comedy which discusses political issues throughout.











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